The Times They Are A-Changing

Throughout history, especially the last 200 years, everything has constantly and consistently changed. No one would deny that.

However, today, it’s not just that things are changing; it’s that nothing is the same as it was just a few years ago. We aren’t just living in changing times; we are living in a time of […]

The Future is Here

Recently, on Bloomberg TV, The Titans featured Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg said something that all churches should ponder for a week. He said, “Technology will advance more in the next couple of years than it has since the discovery of the light bulb.”  Now give that some thought.  What does it mean to […]

Emerging Key Issues Facing the Church of Tomorrow

Key Number One: How to minister in a multicultural world

The boats are no longer coming to North America from Europe. Mainline denominations are finding it impossible to become multicultural in spite of their resolutions and affirmative action. As long as denominations remain dominated by European forms of worship, they’ll never develop multicultural congregations. European forms […]

Which Voices Are of the Spirit?

Many new voices are on the horizon claiming to be the wave of the future. That’s both exciting and a bit scary. Let me mention a few of the leading contenders – The Incarnational Movement, The Emergent Movement, The House Church Movement, The Emerging Church Movement, The Outward-Focused Church Movement, The Revolution Argument – I could […]