Christmas Tree Lights – a Fun Fundraiser

I posted most of this post last year, but the program is so effective i thought I would elaborate on it and share it again.

Hey folks, here is a way to raise additional funds at Christmas for some of those projects that you can’t afford.

When I was pastoring, every year we did a program […]

The Missing Piece to Spiritual Maturity

The fall is the traditional time for many churches to do their annual stewardship drive, if they still do them. So during this time of the year churches are searching for an effective stewardship program. But we know from experience that most stewardship programs lose their effect after two or three years, so the […]

How and When to Give Raises

Churches that give across the board raises are shooting themselves in the foot. Why do I say this? Here are three reasons:

No one deserves a raise just because they put in the time during the year. Raises must be earned and deserved, not expected and taken for granted. Raises should be given only when […]

Budgeting in the Spring

From Bill Easum

The normal experience when a church moves from the Fall to the Spring is for income to increase 8% the first year.  People have more money in their pockets after tax returns and are in a better mood in the Spring than in the Fall.

From one of our listserves

We have […]