I just finished reading Aftershock by Wiedemer and Spitzer. In this book, they lay out the next global financial meltdown and what to do about it. They show how disastrously the bubbles will burst, causing chaos and panic in all areas of life.  They go so far as to say “The party is coming to […]

The “New” World and the 2 Percent

I’m at the World Convention of the Christian Churches and attended the Bader Lecture. This year, Ashley and Anji Barker of Urban Neighbors of Hope. Ashley and John Hayes wrote the book Submerge several years back, based on the commitment they have made to urban ministry. The main difference between their ministry and other […]

People Get Ready … (Crystal Lewis)

What happens when you leave your journal at home? You end up journaling on your blog instead. So, this post is a bit different than the norm. Still, it’s another side of who I am.

Reading in Luke 12 this morning, following the Moravian Daily Texts (my ethnicity is traced back to the Moravians, which […]