Mostly For United Methodist Eyes – Bloom Where You’re Planted

Take an “imaginary” trip with me. The year is 2017, but things are different in some subtle ways. The U.S. military uses horses as its main mode of transportation because horses worked so well during the Civil War. Major companies conduct business through the phone party line because that is what worked for a […]

Use and Misuse of Signs

Signs are a plus if you use them correctly, but they are a waste of money if you use them incorrectly. Let’s look at the difference.

A church down the street from me purchased a beautiful digital sign a couple of years ago. I have to drive by that church almost every day. Of course, […]

The Sad State of Discipleship in the U.S.

Only 20 percent of Christians are involved in any kind of discipleship activity, according to the Barna report that just came out. Unfortunately, making disciples is the number one job of every Christian, not just of the clergy.

Jesus didn’t mince words. Some of his last words were, “Go make disciples of all people groups.” […]

Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication

Reading Spark, by Todd Wilson, filled my eyes with tears. Where was this book when I restarted my church? What a difference it might have made. Folks, this is the first book of 2015 that will go on my classics list.

The author addressed both the problem and the solution when it comes to developing a […]

The Greatest Tragedy in History

If you were asked what you considered to be the greatest tragedy in history, what would you say? Surely some would pick the Holocaust. Others in the U.S. might pick 9/11. Still others would settle on Hurricane Katrina. There might be a few who would reach back in history and choose the Great Plague […]

Ensuring Growth by Rick Warren

How do you structure a church so it just keeps on growing and doesn’t plateau? I believe there are ten essentials you must focus on as you structure your church.

1. You must develop an unshakable conviction about growth.

First and foremost, you need to settle on the idea that God wants his church to grow. […]

Some of Us Don’t Value the Soul Anymore

During my 50 years of ministry (Yes, 50. That’s not a typo.), I’ve become convinced that most churches don’t put much value on soul. And that saddens me.

Why do I say this?

Far too often, more than anything else, money defines a person or organization. The old saying “show me your pocket book and I’ll […]

How to Start Conversations – Even If You Live in New York

When I’m coaching or consulting and make the recommendation that pastors need to spend significant time hanging out wherever it is their targets are hanging out, it tends to raise a host of questions. Where should I hang out? When? What do I need to stop doing so that I have time?

All those are […]

The Failure of Recycling Christians

I live in Missouri, but I’m a Seattle-ite at heart. One of the big cultural differences between the two is their attitude toward recycling. I’m used to looking at every piece of trash and doing the gymnastics to see if there’s a new use for it. Failing that, I move on to deciding which […]