Unlearning Our Way Forward

I’m sure we would all agree that our world is changing faster than at any other time in our lifetime and most likely in all of history. And with such fast paced change we are watching many of the tried and true principles by which pastors have led and grown churches are no longer […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore Part IV

Now I realize I didn’t publish my thoughts on “Conversations You Can’t Ignore” in the right order. Here is Part IV.

All three of the movements we’ve examined the past three days (Emergents, Incarnationals, and Organics) are clearly reactions against the traditional Attractional church that waits for the public to come to it instead of […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore Part V

By now you know I resonate with all of these movements in one way or another, but my heart lies with the Reproductive Movement. So I am happy to know that for the first time in many years more churches are being planted than are being closed.

The Sim Card Movement

The Sim Card movement is […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore Part III

So far we have examined the Emergent and Incarnational Movements. Today we examine the Organic movement.

The Organic Movement

The Organic movement is a kissing cousin to the Incarnational movement and a distant cousin to the Emergent movement. Compared to the other two movements it sees little to no need for the institutional church. But unlike the […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore Part VI

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Over the past week we have examined the major church movements underway today – Emergent, Incarnational, Organic, Reproductive, and Sim Card.  You may be asking “Why didn’t you mention the “Missional Movement?” One simple reason – I believe every true church, no matter what movement it is a part of, has to be missional or […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore Part II

Yesterday we examined the Emergent movement and its implications for Western Christianity. I have one more thing to add: over the past year, I have heard little to nothing from this movement.

Today we will examine what I call the Incarnational Movement.

The Incarnational Movement

Like Emergents, the Incarnational folks have a love/hate relationship with institutional Christianity. […]

Conversations You Can’t Ignore

Over the next few days I will be exploring some of the key conversations occurring within Western Christianity.

The Morphing Protestant Scene

We all know our world has radically changed over the past few decades. I first wrote about this change in 1993 in my book Dancing with Dinosaurs[i]. In my book, I described the change as a […]