Why Don’t People Invite Their Friends?

In these COVID times (and honestly, pre-COVID times), it’s become very clear that church members aren’t inviting their friends (or anyone else) to join them for worship. A recent poll by the Barna Group revealed that 60 percent of people will not invite people to attend worship with them online (or Share or Like […]

Don’t Be a Fly Trap Church

Everyone who follows my work knows I am a great fan of the local church. It is fundamental to the growth of the Kingdom, along with other forms of being the Church. I have no truck with those who say the day of the local church is over.

I can’t stand what the vast majority of […]

Finding our Way, Leadership for an Uncertain Time (Margaret J. Wheatley) – Part 2

Learning Occurs in Community

The first is the pioneering work of Brazilian educator Paulo Freire.  Working among the poorest of the poor in Brazil, Freire developed the practice and theory of Critical Education.  He demonstrated that people who had never learned to read could quickly develop skills of literacy and complex reasoning if those skills […]