Church Planters Must Be Graciously Ruthless

I tell church planters, “If you can’t show someone the door and go home and sleep well that night, you shouldn’t plant.”

One of the things we’ve learned over the years is that planting a church is hard, lonely work. If you can’t let criticism run off your back like water off a duck and […]

How to Develop Attention-Grabbing Sermon Series

I’m constantly being asked about the importance of sermon series and what the best way is to go about doing them. The questions are all over the map, ranging from pastors in their first year to seasoned veterans who realize we are no longer in the 1950s. So I thought I would share a few […]

Questions for Church Planters

Getting a head start on your church plant is critical.  How you approach the first years will usually determine the ultimate outcome.

How many honest spiritual conversations have you had with thoroughly unchurched people in the past 90 days?
How many unchurched people have you personally brought to Christ (not just to a worship […]

For Church Planters’ Eyes Only

Over the years I’ve noticed something about church plants that might be helpful to you. Somewhere around 125-200 in worship, many semi-successful church planters lose their focus on outreach and bringing more people to Christ, and the church stalls out. I’ve noticed several reasons for this loss of focus on outreach and evangelism. I […]

Are You Ready to Go Multi-site?

Here are a few questions you should be able to answer affirmatively before going multi-site.

1. Is my church growing a minimum of 5% per year?
2. Is my church 80% full at the main service?
3. Is my community 50% unchurched or more?
4. Does my church have a good reputation in the community?
5. Does my church want […]

Church Planting, Ridleys 13 Characteristics and Test

Other than yourself have a friend, your supervisor, and a person with whom you work in ministry fill out the following:

1. Visioning capacity

being a person who projects into the future beyond the present
developing a theme which highlights the vision and philosophy of ministry
persuasively selling the vision to the people
approaching […]

Church Planting Team

According to Forbes Magazine, new businesses starting with partners were four times more likely to succeed than those who started with solo entrepreneurs. Do not start alone.

A suggested planting team consists of the following members:

Team leader (Pastor):
Full-time, paid.
A magnetic personality, networker, entrepreneur, who attracts a diversity of people.

Worship leader:
Full-time, paid.
Recruiter of various types of […]

Church Plants, Why They Fail

By Bill Easum

My heart aches.

Too many new church plants either don’t make it past eighteen months or remain so small they can barely survive much less thrive. Why do so many church plants not reach their potential?

It certainly isn’t because they don’t try or don’t care. Church planters usually have a heart of gold. […]

Questions to Ask of a Failed Church Plant

Did the planter develop a team first?
If so, how long were they together before planting?
Who was on the team and what responsibilities did they have?
Did the planter have the Mission and core values in place first?
Did the pastor cast a compelling vision? (And if so, compelling to who?)
How […]