Five Things Matter Most in the Emerging World

Few people will argue with the statement that we have entered a totally new world since 9/11. This new world had been dawning since the 1960s, but now we are fully into a new world. So what will it take to flourish in this kind of world? What are the down and dirty, quick […]

Shift Happens 2014

Our culture keeps on marching… and unfortunately, the North American church seems to fall further and further behind. I regularly begin church training exercises by showing the “Shift Happens” YouTube video that was initially uploaded back in 2008. The response to the video by the average layperson is typically shock … especially for those […]

Transformational Fallout

Think you’re going to lead your church successfully through the next growth barrier? You might want to think again – seriously. The success rate for barrier-breaking is less than 20 percent, and if you happen to be in a mainline denomination, your odds just dropped to 10 percent. The real bad news is this (and […]

The Changing Face of Worship and Church Growth

Interview with Bill Easum

Pastors often turn to church growth strategists to help them develop a plan for their church. These specialized consultants can make a significant impact on every program in the church, including the music ministry. William Easum has been at the forefront of the church growth movement for a number of years. […]

The 20 Percent Who Could

The stats aren’t pretty. In fact, they’re pretty deplorable. But they’re nonetheless accurate. Eighty percent of all Pastoral Size to Program Size church transformations fail – 80 percent. A Pastoral Sized church is one in which the pastor is essentially the end-all, be-all of the congregational expectations. They attend virtually every function and event. […]

Excerpt 1: From “Everything Must Change: Jesus, Global Crises, and a Revolution of Hope”, by Brian D. McLaren

By: Linnea Nilsen Capshaw

The security strategy of Jesus clearly involved a radical break from that of Rome and the various parties in his own nation, whether the violent Zealots, the accommodating Sadducees and Herodians, the blaming Pharisees, or the withdrawing and isolating Essenes. Rather than an aggressive and offensive empire, or a submissive or passive […]

Deep Change, Discovering the Leader Within by Robert E. Quinn

By: Linnea Nilsen Capshaw

Ultimately, deep change, whether at the personal or the organizational level, is a spiritual process….Contemplation is recommended to help us meet and overcome the challenges we face from our powerful defense mechanisms.  Confronting our defense mechanisms leads to a necessary examination of self.  To thwart our defense mechanisms and bypass slow death, […]

Deep Change, Discovering the Leader Within by Robert E. Quinn – Part 1

By: Linnea Nilsen Capshaw

Leaders and Change Agents

The hero’s journey is a story of individual transformation, a change of identity.  In embarking on the journey, we must leave the world of certainty.  We must courageously journey to a strange place where there are a lot of risks and much is at stake, a place where there […]