Assimilation Tips

Win Arn put out a ratio book long ago, to effect of 1 of 5 first-time guests return on average.  Of those who come back a second time, 1 of 2 eventually stick

Our first impression is that churches who do assimilation best:

1. Respond within 24 hours to sign ins.
2. Have multiple entry points
3. Offer a […]

Turning Guests into Committed Members [Connections Pt. 2]

In the first part of this article series we dealt with the most common problem churches have – getting visitors to return. In fact, churches are so troubled by this issue that the national average appears to be that significantly less than 15 percent of first-time visitors return for a second helping.

However, when a […]

Turning First-Time Visitors into Returning Guests [Connections Part 1]

According to our research, it appears that in North America less than 15 percent of first time church visitors return for a second visit. I’m sure it doesn’t follow denominational lines exactly, but it appears that in mainline denominations that number actually hovers nearer to 11 percent. That means that if 100 visitors graced your […]

Follow-Up: Part Three

This post started off as a response to a comment left by Frank in the Churches That Don’t Want To Grow post. He attends a fifty year old church in a fifty year old neighborhood that’s suffering from decline. He wanted to know a bit more about visitor follow up and so on.

So, let […]