Following Jesus into the Mission Field

Those who follow my writing know I believe we are living in a pivotal period of history in which everything that will be is being separated from everything that was. In such a traumatic period, all the rules of the game of life are called into question.
Christianity and the Scriptures are the result of […]

The Church Growth Movement Revisited

The church growth movement has taken a bad rap the past decade. Many unfair comments have been made in an attempt to either discredit it or make it obsolete. I’m sure there are many reasons for the attempts to either discredit or make the movement obsolete. At worst the attempts were the acts of […]

Apostolic Movements: Emerging Worship

Emerging Worship: Musings On A Much-Altered Landscape
by Sally Morgenthaler
Worship leader Kirk McPherson has had a tough week.  It’s Friday, 5:30
p.m., and things are only barely coming together for Sunday morning.
If it wasn’t one staff problem, it was another.  He wonders what he
might be able to pull out of his hat by Saturday night.   Hmmm – there
are […]

Apostolic Movements: Contemporary Apostle

Contemporary Apostle by Todd Hunter
Thousands of Acts of Being Sent
Something gets lost when that which was meant to be familiar and recognizable among a people is made exceptional and mysterious. It is even worse when such a gift is thought to have hero status or celebrity attached to it. The situation can get down […]

The Apostolic Movement: Introduction

The Apostolic Movement in the Emerging World
by Bill Easum
The word “Apostolic” or “Apostle” has been used many ways over the centuries. Some think it refers only to those few disciples who had been with Jesus plus Paul. Others see no reason to conclude that the role of Apostle came to an end with the […]