In a previous post I suggested there was a need for new – or renewed – language for church leaders. As wonderful as having new language might be, there’s an underlying issue that I’ve become increasingly aware of. Many, if not most, clergy in today’s North American church are well trained pastors, but when it comes to providing effective leadership, not so much.

That being the case, it’s incredibly important that those who are called to lead the church get the training they need to become both faithful and effective leaders.

Of course, there’s more to leadership training than reading a couple of John Maxwell books. By all means, pastors need to read leadership books, listen to leadership tapes or podcasts, and attend leadership development conferences and seminars; however, the most efficient and effective way to become a great leader is to spend time with a great leader in an intentional mentoring relationship.

There are very few naturally born great leaders. The vast majority became great leaders by training, mentoring, and personal commitment to the arduous task of personal development.

So, if you’re a well trained pastor, but realize there might be room for some personal leadership development, find an effective leader who you admire and respect and get them to mentor and coach you. And if that leader happens to serve in a church larger than yours, all the better.

Question: What was the biggest step you took toward leadership development as a pastor? What steps would you still like to take? Share your thoughts and ideas in the Comments section below.