I was asked what a church’s leadership covenant should include. I’ve done a training on that for the Conflict CPR Training Set, but here are my thoughts.

  • A 100% commitment to supporting the congregational DNA (mission, values, vision)
  • A commitment to intentional adult spiritual development by participating in a small group or a micro group (partner or three-person accountability)
  • A commitment to support the congregation with time, talent, treasure, and testimony… and attendance
  • A commitment to honor the responsibilities due the leadership position: attend committee meetings, attend events, etc. that the leadership position expects
  • A commitment to being a team player – no parking lot, after session, email, or telephone meetings that undermine a leadership decision. If the leader is unable to live with the majority rule, then integrity demands their resignation and probably their departure from the congregation.
  • A commitment to stepping down if they are unable to keep the leadership covenants due to decision or life circumstances… with the understanding that if they do not step down, they will be removed for the good of the individual, the good of the ministry they’re involved in, and the good of the church.

Question: What would you add to your church’s leadership covenant? Share your thoughts in the Comments section below.