By: Jeff Patton

I just spent a weekend with a Church discovering this congregation’s purpose.   To accomplish this we spent the weekend studying Scripture and coming to term with the underlying principles that ought to govern all we do.

We spent Friday night discovering our values.  We came to the conclusion that Love, Forgiveness, Hope, Grace and Prayer ought to be top among the values we hold to and practice.   Imagine if your congregation would put Love at the top of its list?   How would that change the way you interact?  How would that change the way you see each other?

On Saturday we spent time discovering those beliefs central to our lives as followers of Jesus.  It was wonderful to see how the Bible was effective in helping this congregation understand its central beliefs and how those beliefs affect their understanding of God’s call in their lives.

By Saturday night we were getting very clear about the One Purpose this congregation is called to pursue.  The phrase emerged, “to make life long followers of Jesus”, and it stuck.  Among all the ways to understand our purpose, this phrase was clear, to the point, and most really resonated with it.

I got a call from that pastor the next week.  He was so excited.  At the first “committee” meeting after this discernment of the vision, the entire committee had changed their view of their purpose.  Now, aligned with this greater purpose, united with their values and beliefs, this committee put it all down for the purpose.  The pastor was thrilled.

Call us; we can help make this happen “where you are.”   References gladly provided!

God is Able!

And this is fun!

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