Tapscott, DanGrowing Up Digital

(New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 1998), 338 pages, hardback, $22.95. Obtain from McGraw-Hill, 800-262-4729.

This book just made my top ten best list for the 1990’s. I give it four stars. Finally, a book about the millennial generation that makes sense. Tapscott calls them the N-Gen for Net Generation. He uses the dates 1977 to 1997 which makes them the largest group of people on earth at the moment – 30% of the worlds population. This is the Internet generation. Everything about them will be defined by how they use this tool. He also sees the primary clash in the future not between the Gen X and the Boomers, but between the Boomers and the N-Gens.

He lists the top then characteristics of N-Geners

Fierce Independence
Emotional and intelligent openness
Inclusion of all kinds
Free expression and strong views
Preoccupation with maturity
Sensitivity to corporate interest
Authentification and trust
Tapscott describes the N-Gens as growing up faster, smarter, and more mature than any other generation in our history. This is a book worth not just reading, but devouring.