Predictions About the Future

This week’s email from has an article from Brady Boyd sharing four predictions about the future. All four of them are worth taking the time to ponder for a moment. Although I agree with all four, there are a few nuances to point out in order to avoid giving the impression that these four will dominate the future.  […]

On the Verge Update

Well, I finally found time to finish On the Verge by Alan Hirsch and Dave Ferguson.  So I thought I would update my earlier post.

This book is a jewel. By the title one can assume the authors sense that Western Christianity is on the verge of something big – an apostolic movement of gigantic potential for […]

Top 8 Reasons for Being a Church of Missional Small Groups

Before I share this list, let me explain the difference between missional small groups and small groups.  Small groups get together to share life around the Scriptures, apprentice new leaders, and form new groups, and may or may not have a mission beyond the small group. Mission and ministry are the heart of missional […]

Church Planters’ Heaven

One of the most valued pieces of church planting is often lost in the hustle and bustle of setting up and taking down, but when its discovered it’s like heaven on earth. I’m talking about visibility.  Nothing takes the place of visibility for a church planter’s success. A planter lives and dies on visibility.

Visibility […]

Who Is My Neighbor?

When I was growing up, if I wanted to play football I had to go out into the neighborhood and put together a team. Playing ball was a neighborhood sport.  Not so anymore. Consider the following.

Today most children who want to play football are driven to an organized program that may consist of children […]

9/11 Ten Year Anniversary

Coming up in September we will celebrate (if that is the proper word for it) the 10th anniversary of the fateful day of 9/11.  If there was any doubt that the world has fundamentally changed, 9/11 should settle that.

Now the real question is, what are you planning in the way of a celebration that […]

Stewardship is a Way of Life

We received a note today on our advanced leadership forum that asked what place to begin talking with churches about stewardship.  My response was this: stewardship of money comes from the heart.  That’s where you begin. 

Then a list of things I have believed for a long time surfaced in my pea brain.  I thought I would […]

It’s Hard to Believe

It’s hard to believe how stupid and un-Christian so-called Christians can be.  The pastor, Terry Jones, who burned the Koran today, ought to be kicked out of the church. No mercy for an idiot of his kind who presumes to be called by God.  Shades of the Crusades.  This man needs to be defrocked. […]

Four Core Processes of Growing a Missional Church

My experience has taught me that only four things grow a church (other than the Holy Spirit):

Bringing people to Christ and/or to the church – forgetting this is the number one reason church plants stop growing and established churches start declining.
Retaining people long enough to disciple them – this includes first impressions, worship, and small […]