God is a Baseball Fan

Although I have played many sports throughout my lifetime, baseball has always held my heart. It all started when as a young boy I would watch my hometown Chicago Cubs each Spring and Summer afternoon on WGN T.V. That love of the game continues to this day.

Baseball has long been known as America’s national […]

No Retirement in the Bible

Yesterday after a morning at church and an afternoon whacking weeds, I took a break to listen to the last couple of innings of my favorite baseball team on the radio. My wife Debbie recently purchased a hammock which we hung up between two giant pine trees in our backyard. As I laid there […]

Who Remembers the Armenians?

In the years during and immediately after the First World War, over one and a half million Armenians were displaced, deported, tortured and killed at the hands of the “Young Turks” of the Muslim Ottoman Empire. Families, primarily Christian who had inhabited this sacred land since the time of Christ, were nearly all wiped […]

Prayer for People Who Can’t Sit Still

My wife is a contemplative. I watch her pray and I have to wonder how she does it. Her eyes close, her face gets a serene, contended look on it, and she sits there. And sits there.

Get help with your “Can’t sit still” prayer life.

She doesn’t move.

She doesn’t speak.

She just sits there listening and […]