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Planned Giving for Churches: Crash Course and First Steps

Planned giving—you’ve likely heard of it before, but if you’re like many church leaders, administrators, and fundraisers, you haven’t considered trying it out yet.

This is a transformational church fundraising method that can deepen your relationships with congregants and ensure your church’s long-term financial stability. But is planned giving, also often called legacy giving, the […]

How to Promote Your Church’s Values While Fundraising

Fundraising is a key part of sustaining your church as it provides the resources you need to run your church properly and support your programming. However, at its core, fundraising is about gathering the funds necessary to fulfill your church’s vision and uphold your values.

When you incorporate your church’s values into your fundraising, you […]

Online Shopping Fundraisers for Churches: The Complete Guide

If you’re a church leader, fundraising coordinator, or giving committee member, you’ve probably spent time thinking about what goes into a successful church fundraiser. However, the best giving initiatives are not just lucrative—they also make effective use of your team’s limited time and resources while engaging your congregation.

One engaging, resource-efficient way to raise extra […]

5 Strategies to Boost Volunteer Engagement at Your Church

Whether they’re handing out bulletins, teaching kids’ Sunday school, or running the audio/visual system during services, volunteers are the backbone of your church. They give their time and talents to perform essential tasks year-round, expanding your church’s capacity to serve the congregation and fulfill its mission.

The key to a strong church volunteer team is […]

5 Components To Look For In Kids’ Ministry Curriculum

As a church leader, you know that children are the future of your congregation, but they are also the church of today. Every church’s children’s program is responsible for raising up the next generation of believers and teaching them Scriptural truths.

So, whether you’re looking to bring children into your church or foster a positive […]

3 Tips to Engage Your Congregation in Ministry Fundraisers

When inspired, your congregation can accomplish impressive fundraising goals. However, passing the collection plate may not be enough to collect the funding that keeps your church programs and outreach running. In fact, recent research indicates that only 5 percent of Americans tithe. 

So how can your church encourage a culture of generous giving? In this […]

How Churches Can Prevent Financial Crises

As Americans transition to a non-religious population, churches have been closing rapidly across the US. In 2019, about 4,500 Protestant churches closed, with those still standing typically having only 85% of the pre-pandemic attendance numbers. This number has worsened since COVID-19 struck in 2020, with research by the Survey Center on American Life and the University […]

3 Effective Church Fundraisers for Children & Youth Groups

Church youth groups and children’s ministries need funding to plan fun activities that keep kids engaged. Learn how to raise money for your youth programs.

How to Encourage Youth to Participate in Church

By Guest Writer Riley Jarman

One challenge facing the church today is a decrease in youth participation in church activities. A recent survey found that in Protestant worship alone, up to two-thirds of young people aged eighteen to twenty-two stopped going to church. Nearly all the respondents cited life changes like starting college or work […]