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Are You An Online Church?

I have a question for you … are you an online church or are you just doing worship online … ?


This morning I saw a commercial for one of our local car
dealerships. It was a commercial as on any other day in any other week, as
though things are the same today as they were two weeks ago. Or a week ago,
before schools began their who-knows-exactly-how-long closures. Before our adult
children “sequestered” us. Before our County […]

Lead Like an Old English Sheepdog

For years I’ve asked my coaching clients, “What’s your hobby?” (because, Church Leaders – including you minister-types – it’s critical we have at least one hobby). It’s been said, though, that “those who can’t do teach,” and so I was caught a bit off-guard when a cohort of ministers I was coaching turned the question back on me, […]

Prioritization: Where Do You Fit In?

My birthday was Sunday and for the first time I decided to give myself a gift. Not merely a present but, rather, a gift that will last the whole year. I decided to give myself the gift of “ME” – me first (okay, me second – but only after Jesus).

I can hear the gasps […]

How Welcomed Are You?

Ministers and most (okay, many) church folk already know how important welcome is for guests and members. We know that welcome begins – or doesn’t – long before we get through the front or back doors. Everything from our parking lot to our signs and yard accoutrement tell folks – or should – what […]

Slow… Steady… Strategic

[featured-img]One of the problems with high-functioning ministers is that our energy tends to always function quite highly, even to the point of dysfunction at times. Many of us score a high “P” on the Myers-Briggs Inventory (which, by the way stands for PANTS, as in fly-by-the-seat-of), so orderly doesn’t tend to be either in […]

With Whose Reality are You Living?

But wait, pause, think for a moment before you answer that question with “Well, of course, with my own.”

Many, many years ago one of my mentors was pastoring a very conflicted congregation in which several members had no filters when it came to telling him about how things ought to be and how they […]

The Fallacy of Outward-Focused Ministry

Whether we call it “Social Justice,” Social Action,” or “Mission-oriented” ministry, too many congregations are wearing themselves out and, worse, missioning themselves out of existence. What we need to do is find how we can start focusing our outward-focused ministries inside.

I know, I know: we talk all the time about the dangers of navel-gazing […]