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It’s one thing to grow a church by trying to revive those who have quit the church… reactivating the “Dones.” But real Kingdom growth comes when someone who was brought up outside the faith, someone who’s never been to church, someone who simply doesn’t believe takes the leap and becomes a follower of Jesus.

Churches that are doing adult baptisms of new Christians are few and far between. But those that are know that effective evangelism has been one of the best-kept secrets in the church – not because it’s a secret, but because no one wants to talk about the “E” word. The good news for the church is this: there are ways to be active in evangelism that won’t embarrass your members, your church, and most importantly your friends, relatives, acquaintances, co-workers, or anyone else. And these practices are both effective and practical for mainline churches and evangelical churches as well.

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 Step 1: Analytics from the Eagle’s Nest

Congregational leaders are often so close to the church that they can’t objectively discern where the strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities are. Using a variety of audits, surveys, and demographics studies helps us step back so we can see what’s what from afar.
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 Step 2: Analytics with an Eagle’s Eye

Growing churches see the larger congregational and community picture, but from there they’re tuned in to where the rubber hits the road. Using close contact tools and evaluations allows us to make micro adjustments to a church’s marketing and evangelism practices. Additionally, we supply you with simple equipment to record your service for review.
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Step 3: Resources and Training

The key to effective evangelism is training and resources. Before your members can engage in faith-sharing, they have to feel comfortable enough to try it. While we’re analyzing the congregation’s data, use our DVD training kit for a one-day training event that will help your members understand the role and importance of marketing, but even more importantly, they’ll learn to faithfully share their faith. And we’ll join you live during the last session for additional insights and to field questions.
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 Step 4: Action Plan, Execution, and Continued Support

You know how easy it is to attend a training and then see no results. We take care of that by providing a customized action plan to engage your strategic evangelism plan. Then we’ll partner with your for three months as your pastor’s coach to ensure you can implement it. And the support doesn’t end there… you’ll get ongoing resources to keep the momentum going.


+Evangelism Jump Start $899

The +Evangelism Jump Start includes everything your members need to be active in evangelism. Including:
The Complete +Evangelism Audit.
Your Ministry Area Demographic Report.
The Complete Website Evaluation.
Use of Nest Cloud Video Cameras to capture, record, and share your worship service with us.
A one-day e-training event.
The +Evangelism Recommendation Report.
Follow-Up Coaching.
Supporting Resources.
Perpetual Membership in the Effective Church Mastermind Group.
  • The Complete +Evangelism Audit. – A data-gathering instrument that builds a foundation for understanding your congregation, your facilities, your history, and your marketing/evangelism practices. The better we know you, the better recommendations we can make.
  • Your Ministry Area Demographic Report. – Many — if not most — churches don’t have an accurate picture about who really lives in the community. By creating a Comprehensive Community Demographics and Receptivity Report you’ll know for sure how to target your marketing and your evangelism efforts.
  • The Complete Website Evaluation. – Studies show that over 85 percent of first-time guests visit a church’s website before they decide to attend. Today’s church websites are yesterday’s Yellow Pages. Optimize your website and you’ll have the opportunity to share faith with more of your community (and beyond) than ever before.
  • Use of Nest Cloud Video Cameras to capture, record, and share your worship service with us. – By recording your worship service from multiple angles and having it posted automatically to the Cloud using Nest Cloud Cameras, we’re able to participate in your worship service and view your current worship evangelism practices.
  • A one-day e-training event. – We provide three DVD training sessions and our comprehensive Strategic Workbook. You schedule a morning, afternoon, or evening training event with your church leaders. And to wrap it up we’ll join you live via online conferencing to listen to the insights you’ve gleaned and to field your questions.
  • The +Evangelism Recommendation Report. – Following the training and information gathering, we’ll evaluate the data and create a comprehensive recommendation report that provides a step-by-step strategic plan for increasing your baptism count… and keeping it up.
  • Follow-Up Coaching. – Three monthly one-on-one coaching calls with your pastor or outreach staff person to ensure you get the most out of the +Evangelism Jump Start.
  • Supporting Resources. – We’ll provide additional resources to help you maintain an evangelism rich environment in your congregation.
  • Perpetual Membership in the Effective Church Mastermind Group. – Open only to those leaders who have completed a consultation with the Effective Church Group. Membership includes a monthly eLetter, early access to new resources, the Mastermind Coaching Forum where we pool our experience to help each other keep current with changing trends, and an invitation to our annual two-day Mastermind Meet-Up held at destination locations for informal conversation, training, and coaching with the Effective Church Group.
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