The Two Things Church Offers

I am so tired of fights about church.  We laud spirituality over “religion.”  Face it, Christianity is a religion.  Nothing wrong with religion.  What’s wrong is when we get lost, when the world only sees hypocrisy and a disconnect with daily life.

I was recently at a meeting where we talked about conflict in the […]

The Only Goal for Church Success

There are some churches with great vitality in our nation.  That is awesome.  But most of you who read this, if you happen to go to church, are a part of a congregation that struggles.  Welcome to the 21st century American religious reality.

It is mind boggling how quickly the spiritual climate has changed.  Fifty […]

Mostly For United Methodist Eyes – Bloom Where You’re Planted

Take an “imaginary” trip with me. The year is 2017, but things are different in some subtle ways. The U.S. military uses horses as its main mode of transportation because horses worked so well during the Civil War. Major companies conduct business through the phone party line because that is what worked for a […]

I Want to See My Grandchild in Heaven

I am a grandfather!

I have had married children for a few years.  And those who are already grandparents have been hounding me to have grandchildren.  I usually tell them I don’t have much control over such matters.

These folks uniformly tell me how awesome it is to be a grandparent; just play with the child […]

Paradigm Factors

A paradigm is a framework containing the basic assumptions, ways of thinking, and methodologies that are commonly accepted and shared by members of any discipline or group.  As such paradigms determine how we interpret life. Here are some of the factors you will need to be aware of when you attempt any kind of […]

Too Many Pastors Are Wasting Their Lives

I love pastors.  I was one for thirty years. But my heart goes out to them because most of them are wasting their lives.  Let me tell you why.

Statistics show that some 85% of the churches in the U.S. are either on a plateau or are declining. Some of these churches can be turned around, […]

5 Steps to a Spirit-Driven Church

Is your church the way you want it?  Be honest.  Is your congregation the way you believe God wants it?  Be honest.

I believe the answer to those questions is often “no.”  And I’m sorry for you.  Most church leaders work very hard and are committed to Jesus.  Most church members really want the congregation […]

Most Small Groups Are a Waste of Time

Most small groups I see in churches are a waste of time because most of them are little more than data dumps. They are Bible studies that go nowhere other than gaining more knowledge of the Bible and in some cases fellowship. And those aren’t enough.

I’m convinced that in the  world we live in […]

Exponential West 2015

Hey folks, I’m going to be at Exponential West, the largest gathering of church planters in the world, and I’d love to see you there.  It’s that good, and its not just for planters.  For example, I’m doing a pre-conference called “Giving New Life To A Stuck Church,” and then I will do two […]