Who’s Your Nominating Chair?

I was reading Luke 6 this morning and was struck by verse 12:
One of those days Jesus went out to a mountainside to pray, and spent the night praying to God.
This passage immediately precedes the calling of the twelve apostles and it is one of only two times the Gospels mention Jesus going away […]

Two Skills Every Pastor and Staff Must Master

There are many leadership skills that are important. But there are two skills that overshadow all the rest. If a staff can master these two skills, there is no way a church can keep from reaching more people for Christ. Want to know what they are? Sure you do. So here goes.

Skill Number One: […]

Reaching Millennials

Remember when it was all the rage in mainline churches to write and preach about how different it was to try to reach Baby Boomers, then Gen Xers? Now we are faced with the same challenge to reach Millennials. It seems that things never change for mainliners – we are always behind the curve, […]

Mostly For United Methodist Eyes – Bloom Where You’re Planted

Take an “imaginary” trip with me. The year is 2017, but things are different in some subtle ways. The U.S. military uses horses as its main mode of transportation because horses worked so well during the Civil War. Major companies conduct business through the phone party line because that is what worked for a […]

5 Ways to Share the Gospel in a Crazy World

We live in a world that is torn apart by discord between nations, between political parties, between and within churches, within families…  As a follower of Jesus, I look to find how God wants me to speak to and live in the world.  I submit five ways for you to consider as you seek […]

Disciple More by Leveraging What You’re Already Doing

Every week, thousands of pastors spend hours and hours creating a sermonic masterpiece that will be heard once by fewer than 60 people.
Every week, tens of thousands of Sunday school classes will meet to educate and ostensibly disciple less than a dozen people.

The same goes for Bible studies, small group studies, and so on.

All […]

The Discovery Bible Study Questions Revised

Years ago, I was trained in house church leadership by one of the nation’s top gurus Neil Cole. I took the opportunity to shadow him for several days and learned a lot about time management, house church, leadership, and group led Bible studies. At the time he was using the Discovery Questions, six questions […]

Christmas Ignorance Shouldn’t Surprise Us

There seems to be a lot of ignorance around Christmas … and it’s not just the meaning of Christmas or the reason for the season. The very fabric of the holiday season is being torn asunder and the church largely seems to be oblivious to it.

I’m not talking about the replacing of Merry […]

The Problem with Western Christianity

We all know 85% of churches in the West are in decline, so I wont go into that other than to say I know the cause for this decline.[1]

The basic problem with Western Christianity rests on a misunderstanding of the Church Growth movement and the liberalization of the Western Church. Let me explain.

The Church […]