Thoughts on the Way Forward for UMC

The United Methodist Church is on the verge of schism. No one wants to call it that, but that’s the direction we’re going. At the moment, three “ways forward” are being presented. Option One is essentially to stay the course and hold those accountable who do not follow the constitution. Option Two, rewrites the […]

Pastor Parish Committee (UMC)

One of the biggest mistakes some UM Churches do is to turn the Pastor Parish Relations Committee into a Staff Parish Relations Committee. On the surface this sounds democratic and good. Everyone on the staff has direct access to the personnel committee. However, there are many ramifications of this decision and only one of […]

We Shot Ourselves in the Foot – Again

It’s a sad day for United Methodists (who aren’t very united or Methodist anymore).  The Judicial Council has failed to uphold the decision of the General Conference to end the long-standing guaranteed appointment for United Methodist clergy. Only fools would make a decision to keep such a debilitating practice.  No one should be guaranteed […]