A Major Permission Giving Mistake

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One of the emerging problems for those doing permission-giving and allowing ministries to bubble up from a decentralized approach is that fact that every church has some core or basic ministries that must go on no matter whether someone comes forward to do them […]

How to Implement Permission Giving

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Dear Forum Colleagues:

At Trinity Lutheran Church in west suburban St. Louis (Track 1), we are coming to the climax of the “visioning” or DNA formation process. We have our Core Values and Bedrock Beliefs solidly in place. In fact, they helped us weather a […]

Permission Giving

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More churches are using consensus instead of voting. One example, Epiphany Lutheran, Rock Hill, SC, is using consensus voting.  Since moving to the permission-giving structure, they have not voted once, in any arena.  They agreed that this was the best way.  They do no have “congregational meetings,” […]