Three Hard Choices Effective Leaders Make

Effective church leadership is the most glamourless, thankless, and frustrating job on the planet.

I make that emphatic statement based on two observations. First, I’m unaware of any other sector, profit or non-profit, that is seeing 85 percent of all operation centers facing serious decline – and the leaders of course are shouldered with the […]

Live by Consensus and Die from Constipation

I don’t know how long it has been going on; it started before my time. But it has become honed in the past fifty years. I’m referring to the passion for consensus in many of our churches today. So many are afraid to act without finding out where everyone in the church stands on […]

Make Meetings Matter

One of the biggest complaints we hear from committee chairs is that their committee members don’t come to the scheduled meetings. When we hear that, we almost always know that the primary issue isn’t about having a bunch of members who are slackers without integrity. We tell the committee chair, “The reason your members […]

Small Church Thinking

This is an excerpt from our upcoming book, 21st Century Strategies for Church Growth.

One of the key differences between a stuck small church and a growing church (of any size) is found in the way the average church member thinks. In stuck small churches, the members believe and behave as if their wants, needs, and preferences […]