With Easter coming, most churches anticipate their largest services of the year. Are your building and grounds ready for double your average attendance? Here are a couple of things to turn your attention to in preparation. Is your parking lot in good shape? Usually 10 percent of your spaces should be clearly designated for guests but for Easter, triple that. Ask all staff and volunteers to park as far away from the front doors as they can, leaving the up-close spots for your guests and those who are less able. You should have at least one off-street parking space for every two people you have at your services. And in your litter free parking lot should be a well-trained and a well identified greeting team to welcome and direct your guests.

In a sermon by John Wesley in 1778, he wrote the words “cleanliness is next to godliness” and that certainly still applies to your church buildings today. Walk around and through your building and make sure it is not only free of litter but that it also appears fresh and new. The cleanest room in a church building should be your nursery. Shampoo the carpeting and make sure the toys are wiped down the with disinfectant. The smell of clean as parents drop off their kids will make a lasting positive impression. Add some fresh cut flowers and a lit, scented candle in your well stocked women’s restrooms and be sure all your plumbing is working well. Having your building and grounds in tip top shape for Easter is important enough to ask a newcomer from your congregation, preferably a female, to walk slowly through your facilities with a fresh set of eyes, a sensitive nose, and a notepad for suggested improvements.

You may want to organize a church clean-up workday just prior to Easter. Invite your church to come together on the outside for pruning, mulching, raking, planting, sidewalk sweeping, and maybe even parking lot re-striping. On the inside work on window washing, woodwork dusting, furniture polishing, and chandelier cleaning. Even if you are in rented facilities it is vital that the place you worship looks and smells clean. A congregational clean-up day can be a great fellowship time and a wonderful opportunity to convey the importance of inviting guests to your sparkling clean church home.