When I was growing a healthy effective church, I would often seek out advice from other successful churches to see what they were doing to grow. One of those churches was North Coast Church in Vista California, a suburb of San Diego. The senior pastor is Larry Osborne, and he has positively influenced me and many pastors I know through his book Sticky Church.

Osborne attributes their church’s growth (now with seven campuses) by getting attenders to become members and then as members to “stick” with the church through sermon based small groups. This is one of many good models that can help a church to grow but I have found that before a church can begin a growth process, it must first become “un-stuck.”

Most churches in America are stuck. Stuck in outdated traditions, stuck in an inhibiting organizational structure, stuck in an unhealthy dependance on unachievable pastoral expectations. At The Effective Church Group, we are committed to helping churches that are plateaued or in decline, get unstuck and begin a process of growth.

Through consultations and on-going coaching, we have helped thousands of congregations get unstuck and assisted their pastors in turning around their plateaued and declining churches.

Getting unstuck always involves change and though possibly uncomfortable, change is good. Thank goodness, God loves change, He makes “all things new.”

God called you to your church and the search committee affirmed that call because they believe that you are the one who can help get the church unstuck. Don’t be afraid to try new things you never attempted. Don’t be afraid to seek out advice from others like the Effective Church Group who have extensive experience in helping churches get unstuck and grow.   

You’re Not Alone

Most pastors have dealt with stuck churches at least once – and some even get them unstuck!

If your church is stuck, let’s talk. Pastor, schedule a free, one-hour strategic planning session with an Effective Church Team member. We’ll help you get clear on the #1 goal you want to achieve in your church over the next year; we’ll explore what’s holding you back; and we’ll explore a plan and path forward to help you reach that vision.

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