How to Execute Your Vision

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Why another book on vision attainment?
Listen to what Bill Easum, author of How to Execute Your Vision has to say:

Twenty-five years of consulting with pastors, churches and denominations. 3.5 million miles of air travel and almost a 1000 hotels. And what have I learned about most pastors?

They all have some sort of vision for what they want to see happen. And most of them work hard at making that vision happen. But the sad truth is that most of them never see their vision become a reality.


That’s why Scott Musselman and I wrote the book, Execute Your Vision. One of the biggest needs of most leaders is the ability to turn their vision into a reality.

Most leaders we know have a strong vision. That’s the easy part. it’s the execution of that vision that is difficult. But that’s what this book’s about – turning your vision into reality. After reading our book you’ll know all the ABC’s about how to reach your vision as well as have a strategy for implementing it.

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