A Note From Scott Musselman

  • Reality 1:  The world and the church are changing rapidly.
  • Reality 2:  Congregational people are worried about the future of their church.
  • Reality 3:  Most people are not connected to faith community in America.
  • Reality 4:  We need to talk about what it means to make disciples in our time. 

Opportunity: The fields are ripe to connect the next person to Jesus.  

Beyond being a pastor, I am a partner in the Effective Church Group. We address exactly those issues in working with congregations. How do we invite people? How do we keep members? How do we help members grow in faith? How do we send disciples out into the world in the name of Jesus? How can my congregation be more hospitable to the visitor? How can my church be more outward focused? How can we be free of destructive conflict?

Who: Just you or better yet bring a team of 4 or 5.

What: Cost is $150 per team.  Make checks out to Effective Church Group and send to 308 West Blvd N, Columbia Missouri 65203.  Lunch will be provided with a free will offering received.  For more information, contact me at scott@effectivechurch.com.

OR Pay Online And Register Now

When: Saturday, October 29th, from 10 am to 2 pm CT.  Registration deadline is October 24.

Where: Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 1528 Southwest Blvd, in Jefferson City, Missouri.

Why:  Because it’s Reformation weekend and Jesus says, “Go make disciples!”