Effective Church Coaching

Having the Confidence to
Know You Made the Right
Decision and the
encouragement and
support to help you
implement it

There’s almost nothing worse that facing a decision and not knowing if you’ve got enough information or experience or distance to make a good choice. Especially when making the wrong choice could mess things up for weeks, months, or even years.Your Next Leadership Coach

Coaching isn’t about telling you what you should do… or not do, for that matter. Good coaching helps you see the options … and inspires new ones. It helps you sort out the good from the great. And it’s a sounding board for safely bouncing your off-the-wall ideas off of… and then bringing the great ones to life.

If you’ve been second-guessing yourself, wrestling with ideas or problems that are outside your experience or comfort zone, making decisions and then worrying whether you made the right choice, or struggle with bringing your great ideas to life, then having a professional coach is probably right for you. A good coach comes alongside you like a good friend who’s seen the world and has the experience to point out the potential pitfalls and detours, and who helps you make the best decisions. But a great coach doesn’t leave you there; they walk alongside as you put your decisions into play and encourages you with every step, pointing out the dream killers hiding in the shadows that would derail you as you go.

You won’t find more experienced coaches than the ones at the Effective Church Group. We’ve walked the walk, but we have more than just experience. We’ve been doing this for 30 years with thousands of pastors and church leaders… and so we get to learn from their experiences as well. And we don’t do group coaching – our coaching calls are one-on-one, so your ministry gets our undivided attention every time. You’re our first priority. Your ministry deserves that.