Christ Centered Pastors Don’t Make Disciples Or Care For People

That’s right, you read it correctly - Christ-centered pastors don’t make disciples nor do they take care of people.   Instead, they do what Jesus did.... they equip others to make disciples and to care for people. These pastors would rather equip ten people to make disciples than to make disciples themselves. Disciple-making and caring for […]

How To Effectively Lead A Staff

This article is a follow up to the previous article on Staff Management. Learning how to lead a staff is one of the most important aspects of a pastor’s life if that pastor wants to be an effective leader. Every study shows that the vast majority of churches grow based on their leader and how […]

Management Skills

They didn't teach me management skills in seminary.  Wish they had because as the leader of a church I needed them badly and it's a shame I had to learn them on my own.  So I thought i would pass on some pointers. Point Number One:  If you can't measure it, it will not succeed.  […]

One Of The Best Books Of The Last Five Years

A book every pastor with a staff or going to have a staff should read -"Fairness Is Overrated" by Tim Stevens.. Over the past two years I've waded through dozens of books and only a handful have pushed my buttons as much as this one. This book is so cool and to the point I'm […]

The Secret to Ending Church Conflict

As a pastor for 30 years, I have many sad stories about destructive church conflict.  I don't think anything makes Jesus cry more than when his people injure one another and others. The really sad thing is that such conflict is the norm for so many churches.  It is usually just a few people.  But […]

How To Start Conversations … Even If You Live in New York

When I'm coaching or consulting and make the recommendation that pastors need to spend significant time "hanging out" wherever it is their targets are hanging out, it tends to raise a host of questions. Where should I hang out? When? What do I need to stop doing so I have time? All those are the […]

Don’t Be So Wordy …

I imagine that it's no surprise that many (dare I say most) seminary trained pastors - and even business trained pastors - lean toward the verbose and the grandiloquent. In some writings, I suppose, that's acceptable. However, when it comes to defining a church's mission, vision, and values our over-learnedness often gets in the way. In […]

Does Your Church’s Culture Honor God?

I was the pastor of a good church but, honestly, it didn't honor God like it should when it came to new people.  We were very friendly to each other, however, guests didn't seem to find us hospitable. Sadly, the vast majority of churches are like that.  What about yours?  What is the friendliness status […]

Do You Have the Courage to Lead?

As a pastor, I wasn't taught or mentored in how to be a leader.  So I have had to dig deep inside to prayerfully find and develop an inner leader or suffer the consequences. Perhaps you have been on that same journey.  You would understandably assume that being a pastor is about being pastoral.  But […]

Does Your Hospitality Have Integrity?

The threat with church hospitality at present is that it can become just another program to get people to church.  Hospitality had better be grounded in a true sense of loving God's people. People often refrain from church these days because of what they determine to be hypocrisy.  You could say that that means there […]

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