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Have a “To Be” List

Everyone has a “to do” list.  Some folks are slaves to it; others make one up and then quickly abandon it. And some  are paranoid if they aren’t able to mark off every item by the end of the day. Well, that’s all and good but in the end it may or may not have […]

An Effective Bar Ministry

I got a note the other day asking about what a bar ministry might look like. There are a couple ways that churches are doing successful bar ministries. Here are the two dominant models. 1. A church buys a bar and operates it as one of its outreach ministries. These bars are far from “preachy” […]

Why Your Church Won’t Be the Exception

I just returned from a church growth training event at a local church where we reviewed and evaluated their vision. Their vision statement was a bit wordy, but overall it got high marks. But a question arose from some of the members: “What about those in the congregation who don’t support the vision … who […]

Questions for Church Planters

 Getting a head start on your church plant is critical.  How you approach the first yeas will usually determine the ultimate outcome. How many honest spiritual conversations have you had with thoroughly unchurched people in the past 90 days? How many unchurched people have you personally brought to Christ (not just to a worship service) […]

Ten Tips for Using Your Newsletter to Grow Your Church

The fact is, most church newsletters do little to nothing to help grow a church … if fact, many church newsletters we’ve reviewed may be a part of the reason why a church isn’t growing. Here are a couple of do’s and don’ts to help you develop a newsletter that will at least aid your […]

Five Things Matter Most in the Emerging World

Few people will argue we have entered a totally new world for since 9/11. The new world had been dawning since the 1960’s but not we are fully into a new world. So what will it take to flourish in this kind of world? What are the down and dirty, quick references of which we […]

Hiring and Firing Staff

Today, I had a conversation with one of the church planters I’m coaching. During the coaching call he asked me, “What are some of the ways to help staff be more productive?” I made several suggestions and then I said to him, “That is not the most important question on this subject. The more important […]

For Church Planter’s Eyes Only

Over the years I’ve noticed something about church plants that might be helpful to you. Somewhere around 125-200 in worship many semi-successful church planters lose their focus on outreach and bringing more people to Christ and the church stalls out. I’ve noticed several reasons for this loss of focus on outreach and evangelism. I share […]

The Ultimate Measurement

Have you ever wondered why the vast majority of the growing churches today are outside of the mainline stream? In fact all of the mainline denominations are in decline. I have a theory on why. Well, it’s more than a theory; it’s what I have observed in working with both mainline and non-mainline churches for […]

Woe Be Us

I received this private email some time ago. I received permission to reprint it here – after making some modifications to protect the identity of the writer. I have come to the realization that my tribe, UMC, will continue to die because our leadership at the highest level insists on straddling the people pleasing proverbial […]