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Reaching your mission is the difference between success or failure, growth or decline. For over three decades the Effective Church Group has been helping thousands of church leaders and over 1000 churches find effective and faithful ways to reach their mission. With that experience, there's virtually no problems we haven’t encountered and found ways to guide churches into mission critical success. Whatever you're facing – staff changes, space restrictions, attendance decline, aging members, conflict, outreach issues, time management, low church esteem – we've been there and done that. We'll be there for you, too.

Our History

The Effective Church Group has been working with churches in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand for over three decades. Founded by Bill Easum in the 1980s, the Group has expanded with noted experts with hands-on experience in growing churches and coaching leaders to reach their potential. We've worked with churches from over 60 denominations including Non-Denominationals, Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, Disciples, Lutherans, American Baptist, Episcopalian, Seventh-day Adventists, and many more.

How We Can Help

It is a difficult moment in time to be a church leader. Questions are abundant. Answers seem elusive. What does God want from each one of us as we seek to make disciples in a culture that seems to be moving away from God, not to Him?

At the Effective Church Group, we would love to come alongside you to share the journey. Through our experience of more than 1000 congregations and their leaders, we have learned what practices are more likely to be effective and which only end up in frustration.

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