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Team Building Basics

It’s almost nominating time, and with nominations come the reconstitution of teams. But will they just do business as usual, or will they make a serious difference in your congregation? Much depends on what happens at their very first meeting. When a team comes together for the first time, typically the pecking order gets quickly […]

Slow … Steady … Strategic

One of the problems with high-functioning ministers is that our energy tends to always function quite highly, even to the point of dysfunction at times. Many of us score a high “P” on the Myers-Briggs Inventory (which, by the way stands for PANTS, as in fly-by-the-seat-of), so orderly doesn’t tend to be either in our […]

Only Four Things in Atlanta

Join us for what’s being touted as the “conference of a lifetime” by pastors and lay leaders across the US. Register now and receive a $50 gift card for additional resources when you attend    the cost of the conference is as low as $15! Session Outlines What Participants are Saying These one-day seminars are based on […]

The Failures of Recycling and Reusing

I live in Missouri, but I’m a Seattle-ite at heart. One of the widest cultural differences between the two is the attitude toward recycling. I’m used to looking at every piece of “trash” and doing the gymnastics to see if there’s a new use for it, and failing that, deciding which recycling bin it belongs […]

Children in Adult Targeted Worship – A Response

I hate writing this kind of blog post. Refuting someone else’s well-thought out opinions isn’t in my DNA. But the article Sunday Schooling Our Kids Out of Church has been gaining some traction in mainline circles and I’m compelled to counter because if the conclusions offered are taken seriously, the current declines in church will not only […]

The Difficulty Of Making A Dream Come True

Over the 25 years I’ve been a consultant and coach I’ve noticed that one of the hardest actions facing a pastor is taking a dream and turning it into reality. Most pastors enter ministry dreaming about making a difference in people’s lives or changing the world or simply being part of a thriving church. The […]

With Whose Reality are You Living?

But wait, pause, think for a moment before you answer that question with “Well, of course, with my own.” Many, many years ago one of my mentors was pastoring a very conflicted congregation in which several members had no filters when it came to telling him about how things ought to be and how they […]

The Fallacy of Outward-Focused Ministry

Whether we call it “Social Justice,” Social Action,” or “Mission-oriented” ministry, too many congregations are wearing themselves out and, worse, missioning themselves out of existence. What we need to do is find how we can start focusing our outward-focused ministries inside. I know, I know: we talk all the time about the dangers of navel-gazing […]

Creative and Effective Sermon Titles

I think I’ve convinced myself that the most difficult – and perhaps one of the most important – sermon preparation tasks is coming up with great sermon titles (and sermon series titles). Your sermon’s title is of critical importance, if you’re depending on Word Of Mouth Marketing, using your outdoor church announcement sign, or are […]

The Three Most Important Rooms In A Church

I tell churches all the time that the three most important rooms in a church building are the Worship Center, Restrooms, and Nursery. Most churches don’t understand the importance of these rooms. How do I know this? By simply looking at the way most churches take care of these three rooms. In far too many […]