Sermon Prep When Time is Limited

One of the recommendations we make to pastors with churches under 200 is "Learn to do sermon and worship prep in less than two hours each week so you can spend the vast majority of your time reaching people for Jesus Christ." It's not a popular recommendation. Homiletics professors faint. Long-time pastors just shake their heads. […]

Some Of Us Don’t Value The Soul Anymore

During my 50 years of ministry (Yes, 50.Tthat's not a typo.). I’ve become convinced that most churches don't put much value on soul. And that saddens me. Why do I say this? Far too often, more than anything else money defines a person or organization. The old saying “show me your pocket book and I’ll […]

Why You Shouldn’t Show Individual Staff Salaries

I’m often asked if the church budget should show individual staff salaries and without hesitation I always say, “NO, not on your life!” Here’s why. First showing all the salaries encourages mediocrity. Why? Because the same mindset that publishes individual salaries also wants to give across the board raises, which is always a horrible thing […]

Easter Sunday Follow-Up Full Court Press

This year Easter happens to coincide with the wrapping up March Madness, the final two will be decided on Easter Saturday and the finals are played on Easter Monday. That leaves Easter Sunday as a quiet, leisurely day for sports fans ... but not so much for the world of church. Once again, it's likely […]

5 Questions to Discover if You Honor the People God Loves

We talk a lot about honor in our culture in regards to public service and acts of bravery.  But why don't we speak more about honoring one another in daily life? Think about it.  How do people perceive you?  And in regards to church, does your congregation honor every precious child of God? I feel […]

Asking Advice? Lookin’ Good!

We don't normally do this, but since the Harvard Business Review "Daily Stat" blog has been broken for over three months, instead of just posting a link, we're reproducing a GREAT mini-post here. Asking for Advice Makes You Seem More Competent Most people assume that asking for advice will make others think poorly of them. […]

Spending Time Mentoring Staff

Spending time mentoring staff is one of the most important thing a pastor can do. When I suggest to a person I’m coaching that he or she needs to spend more time mentoring or training their staff they usually ask, “What does that look like”? Here’s my response. First, you should see yourself as the […]

All Good Things Must Come To An End

Many of you know for the past two decades I have been obsessed with offshore Billfishing. It’s impossible to give justice to an description of the feeling one gets when a 400 lb. Blue Marlin is coming toward your bait. You see the fin, then the bill, then the crash as the Blue attacks the […]

How to Undermine Church Leadership in One Easy Step

The church had done all the hard work of building a solid foundation. They identified their mission, vision, and values and they developed both membership and leadership covenants. It looked like they were ready to move to the next steps of growth. Enter the Nominating Committee. There were several leadership positions that needed to be filled, but […]

The Secret to Finding People Who Don’t Go to Church

Jesus said to "Go!" and make disciples.  But where do we go? A big issue in contemporary church is that most Christians only interact with other church people.  If you are a follower of Jesus, how many friends do you have who don't go to church?  Do you need to change that? I recently did […]

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