Sample Staff Meeting Agenda

Just a few hours ago, we posted a sample board meeting agenda and within just a few minutes started receiving requests: "What would an effective staff meeting agenda look like?' The primary difference between a board meeting and a staff meeting is that the staff is leading the programs and ministries of the church. They're […]

Sample Church Board Meeting Agenda

Every so often we get asked, "What would an effective board [or council or session or vestry] meeting look like?" As you look at the agenda, remember that a board's top priority is to hold the pastor accountable for mission alignment and vision achievement. It is NOT a board's job to manage anything. However, to hold […]

Growing Churches and Growing Disciples: Part Two

This is the second presentation I did at Boston    

Five Books For The 21st Century

I’ve always been a voracious reader. So, I encourage pastors to read a minimum of ten books a month. I was glad to read a blog from Rick Warren’s titled “To Be A Great Leader You Absolutely Must Be A Reader.” You can see the article here However, I remember when I was a pastor […]

A Post Modern Resurrection Story

In one of the congregations I worked in last year I ran across a story that had become legendary in that congregation. It seems as if the pastor had told the story many times so the detailed authenticity of the story is suspect. However, I have learned that some of the most profound truths are […]

How To Develop Sermon Series That Grab Attention

I’m constantly being asked about the importance of sermon series and how’s the best way to go about doing them. The questions are all over the map, ranging from pastors in their first year to seasoned veterans who realize we are no longer in the 1950s. So I thought I would share a few quick […]

Growing Churches and Growing Disiciples Part One

This is a presentation I did at an event in New York, NY   Part One (Right Click and Save File) PowerPoint Presentation: Part 1 You may also like: Only Four Things Grow Churches Grow Your Church Now

Understanding the Role of Your Pastor

The "golden years" of the church, for many key leaders in churches across the US, were the 1950s. Back then "everyone" went to church - and if someone didn't go to church, they knew they should! Back then, the pastor didn't get caught up with trying to reach one generation or another. Everyone "liked" the […]

How Welcomed Are You?

Ministers and most (okay, many) church folk already know how important welcome is for guests and members. We know that welcome begins – or doesn’t – long before we get through the front or back doors. Everything from our parking lot to our signs and yard accoutrement tell folks – or should – what can […]

Better Than a Secret Handshake – SIGNS!

I was looking for the storefront church on Sunday morning. My GPS said I was at the right address, but nothing jumped out and said, "Hey You! Come join us for worship." I finally parked and walked down the sidewalk. I finally found the church right where it should be - but the stenciled church […]

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