The Secret of Christmas Hospitality

More guests will show up at worship on Christmas Eve than at any other time of the year.  This is a prime opportunity. So how does your church showcase hospitality for Christmas Eve?  Are you intentional in your preparation?  It is a lot tougher to identify and connect with guests on Christmas Eve due to […]

The Six Most Powerful Accountability Words

"That won't happen again, will it?" There shouldn't be question mark at the end of that question because it's not really a question. It's a statement that should actually end with a period. In fact, it's a statement that says much, much more than just those six little words. I first heard those words from a […]

The Small Church

I begin with a disclaimer - I don’t believe the size of a church has any merit in the Kingdom. Neither do I believe a small church (under 200 in worship) or a large church has any advantages over the other. They both are called of God to perform the same carry out Christ’s […]

Dispelling The Three Big Small Group Myths

Over the years I’ve noticed three huge myths about small groups. These three myths are so pervasive and powerful they have caused churches to avoid initiating small group systems. And when a church fails in its attempt at developing small groups that multiply, most likely the culprit is one of these three myths. That’s why […]

Retaining First Time Guests

Getting people in the door the first time isn’t easy these days, but getting them to return a second and third time is even more difficult. However, you can do a few things that greatly raise the return rate. The following is a seven step response to first time guests. Step One: Immediately following their […]

Leading a Church Staff Effectively

I was on a coaching call the other day talking with a pastor of a church of around 500 in worship. This was the largest church he had ever led and he was frustrated with what he considered to be an ineffective staff. So I asked him to describe the problem. Here’s what he said. […]

Holding a Congregation Accountable

I recently received a note with a question that I'm sure most pastors have asked themselves at one time or another. I'm afraid there are many answers to the "why" question. The congregation is paying the pastor's salary - so they're the boss (or at least they think and act like they are) The congregation is an […]

Sample Staff Meeting Agenda

Just a few hours ago, we posted a sample board meeting agenda and within just a few minutes started receiving requests: "What would an effective staff meeting agenda look like?' The primary difference between a board meeting and a staff meeting is that the staff is leading the programs and ministries of the church. They're […]

Sample Church Board Meeting Agenda

Every so often we get asked, "What would an effective board [or council or session or vestry] meeting look like?" As you look at the agenda, remember that a board's top priority is to hold the pastor accountable for mission alignment and vision achievement. It is NOT a board's job to manage anything. However, to hold […]

Growing Churches and Growing Disciples: Part Two

This is the second presentation I did at Boston    

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