It’s been a VERY long time since The Effective Church Group took to the road, but this month (October 2022) we’re about to put our toes back in the water.


  • Because pretty much no one wants to go to church any more
  • Because your church STILL hasn’t recovered from your pandemic attendance losses
  • Because your members are both exhausted and apathetic
  • Because YOU’RE exhausted and burned out and a VERY early retirement from ministry seems REALLY attractive

We get it … and we’ve heard you.

You need something to start going right.

You need to be inspired.

You need something to motivate your members.

And it had better be SOMETHING that actually works!

So, we’re back on the road again … at least for them moment.

On October 29, Scott and I will be in Jefferson City, Missouri for a one-day gig that we’re calling The Great Commission Conference (catchy name, huh!). We’ll be covering some of the most pastor-requested topics and giving you some of our best tools that will inspire you so you can inspire and motivate your congregation to get out of their pews and into the disciple-making game again.

You’ll Learn

  • How to SUCCESSFULLY invite people to “church”
  • How to KEEP them coming back
  • How to move the discipleship needle from empty to On Fire again!
  • How to turn your members into Neighborhood Missionaries

We Know … Money’s Tight!

So instead of pricing this at a Per-Person fee, we’re charging Per-Congregation. You bring a team, we’ll do our part to inspire, equip, encourage, and motivate y’all to move your church into a disciple-momentum-making machine. (We kinda like the sound of that!) And at $150 per congregation, that’s about as great of a price as you can get.

So, register now!


When: Saturday, October 29th, from 10 am to 2 pm CT.  Registration deadline is October 24.

Where: Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, 1528 Southwest Blvd, in Jefferson City, Missouri.