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Jump Start Your Ministry

We’ve distilled our consulting packages down to the most essential elements. These packages are designed for churches who are on a budget but still need help in a specific area.

These aren’t just rip-n-dip cookie-cutter kinds of consultations. The same level of commitment, expertise, and critical analysis goes into the Jump Start Consulting Packages as our famous On-Site Complete Ministry Audit. We’ve crammed a lot of our experience into our Jump Starts and we share it via DVD training, live conversations, and even one-on-one coaching.

Here is how this process works…

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Step 1 – Discovery

We get to know you… very well. Start by completing our Jump Start Audit and Membership Personality Questionnaire. Depending on the Jump Start Package, we’ll arrange for a visit from a Mystery Guest, send a set of Nest Cloud Cameras so we can get a feel for what’s going on, order a complete set of local demographics, or arrange one-on-one interviews with church leaders and/or members.

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Step 2 – Analysis

Once we’ve got all the data, then it’s time for us to apply our mojo. We’ll watch the videos, read the reports, analyze the data, listen to the feedback, and come back for more if we think we may have missed something. Once we feel like we’ve got the whole picture, we’ll put together a unique set of recommendations to create a strategic roadmap so your congregation can reach the goals you’ve set.

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Step 3 – Execute

Our magic wands ran out of juice years ago, so the Jump Start Execution demands that hateful four-letter-word: Work. But we make it as easy on you as possible by providing group training that’ll get your leaders on board, because when you pull together as a team the execution goes down like the proverbial spoonful of sugar. This is the stage where we provide one-on-one coaching for your pastor as s/he leads the church through implementation.

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Step 4 – Support

But we don’t leave you once you’ve got momentum. We’ll provide you with additional resources you can use to keep moving forward. Plus you’ll be a part of the Effective Church Group Masterminds where you have access to unique resources, group coaching, and alumni discounts on future Jump Starts or even the Complete Ministry Audit.

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Let us know what you are looking to do and we will get in touch.