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Frustrated trying to grow your church?

At the event you’ll learn how to:

  • Focus your efforts
  • Ensure results
  • Make a lasting impact on your church and community

Dates and Locations$50 gift card for each participant
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These one-day seminars are based on the Four Core Processes outlined in their Effective Staffing book, this event will help you get the church growth ball rolling and provide the momentum to break through the barriers that are holding your church back.

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What We’ll Be Covering

We’ve found that only four processes grow a church and anything else has little to no impact. These four core processes are:

  1. Inviting people to Christ and the Church
  2. Connecting with those who show up so they return
  3. Discipling those who stay
  4. Sending them back out into the world to be neighborhood missionaries

During the sessions we’ll lay out the elements involved in each process and put them into the context of small, mid, large, and extra large churches. Every church, regardless of how big or how small it is, must tend to all four processes in order to be effective, faithful, and sustainable. When all four processes are running well, churches experience sustainable growth. Getting those processes balanced just right takes the right kind of leadership at exactly the right time. So we’re also going to explore the three changes every leader must make as they lead the church into growth.


The one-day event is $75/personbring a team of three or more and pay only $65/person.

I know the Four Things event was the best seminar I’ve ever attended.Jeff, Westin Christian Church, MO

Schedule and Session Descriptions

9:00 – 10:15: The Four Core Processes: Catch Them

If your church isn’t seeing many first-time visitors, then the first core process may be broken. In the first session, you’ll learn how to become an inviting church and increase your visitor count.

10:30 – 11:45: The Four Core Processes: Keep Them

In most churches, less than 15% of first-time guests ever return. If your visitors aren’t becoming returning guests, then the second core process may be stuck. In this session, learn how to hang on to your visitors and increase your return rate to over 50%.

11:45 – 1:15: Lunch In the Community

Lunch is “on your own,” but that doesn’t mean it’s a waste of time. Take your team to a local eatery and make plans to implement what you’ve learned so far.

1:15 – 2:30: The Four Core Processes: Clean Them and Release Them

The Pareto Principle shouldn’t apply to the Body of Christ. If your church is filled with spectators watching the exhausted few, then the third and fourth core processes are probably malfunctioning. You’ll learn how to turn pew-sitters into fully activated disciples of Jesus Christ.

2:45 – 4:00: Get Ready to Fish!

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Churches that attend to the four core processes tend to grow at a healthy rate. But as a church grows, its leadership must grow too. Those “Glass Ceilings” or “Growth Barriers” aren’t myths … they’re textbook and every growing church hits them. In this session, you’ll discover the leadership changes necessary to sustain church growth.

Dates and Locations

Sep 20: New York, NY First Presbyterian of Jamaica
89-60 164th Street
Jamaica, NY 11432
Oct 11: Baltimore, MD Baltimore-Washington Conference Mission Center
11711 East Market Place
Fulton, MD 20759
Nov 01: Dallas, TX Central Christian Church
4711 Westside Dr.
Dallas, TX 75209
Jan 24: S. Florida (Ft. Myers area)
Feb 28: Valley Forge, PA St. Matthews of Valley Forge UMC
600 Walker Road
Wayne, PA
Apr 18: Saxonburg, PA New Life Christian Ministries
139 Knoch Rd
Saxonburg, PA 16056
Apr 25: St. Louis, MO Troy UMC
407 Edwardsville Road
Troy, IL 62294
May 1: Chicago, IL Bethany Union Church
1750 West 103rd Street
Chicago, IL 60643

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This is our first national tour in five years. You and I both know our culture has seen exponential change during those few years. So, join us to get the latest tools and resources for growing your congregation!

What Participants are Saying

I got so much out of today’s conference, my hand hurts from writing!Brandon, Raytown, MO
I know the Four Things event was the best seminar I’ve ever attended.Jeff, Weston, MO
Can hardly wait to begin applying what you taught us.Rod, Slidell, LA

This was the best conference I’ve ever attended … ever.Jan, Cleveland, OH
I’m sorry every church in Cleveland wasn’t here. They needed to be!Dan, Cleveland, OH
Excellent. Just excellent. Thank you!Bert, FL
The information we got is usable and we’ll be able to use it in our church – some of it starting tomorrow.Sheila, OH

We wish we had this information when we were redevelopment pastors – the information that the two Bills present is relevant and challenging for leaders in existing congregations. But we also found that the information is helping us with our very young new start.Dan & Linda, St. Louis, MO

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  1. Our Savior would be happy to host a seminar in the St. Petersburg area.

    • Bill Easum says:

      Paul, thanks for your interest. We’re full for the year. but we could think about it for 2015. if you will send me your email ill put it on file.
      you can send it to

  2. Guy Earle says:

    Is there a dvd series?

    • Bill Tenny-Brittian says:

      Hi Guy, we are trying to make arrangements for a videographer to capture the event. If we’re successful, it’ll be in our store when the tour is complete. Thanks for the ask!

  3. Ken Watson says:

    Should I get and read the Effective Staffing book before I come? Or will you be covering all the stuff in your book?

    • Bill Easum says:

      you would be ahead of the game if you got the book. But it is not necessary. However, my bet is that if you dont get it before you will get after. so you might as well be ahead of the game.

  4. Pete Hansen says:

    I’m looking forward to this event. I’ve been to several of your events and I’ve always left with great stuff that has helped boost our attendance. See you in Kansas City!

  5. Robert Long says:

    What’s all that about developing a strategic plan?

    • Bill Tenny-Brittian says:

      Hi Robert. Thanks for the query.

      We’re doing something different on this tour. Instead of just a data download of “Do this and you’ll get that,” we’ve incorporated a process that combines our teaching with an outline that allows (encourages) participants to create a working strategy for each of the four core processes (Invite, Connect, Disciple, Send). For instance, at the end of session 1, you might come up with a working strategy that looks a bit like this:

      To increase our first-time visitor count, we will use the following strategies:

      1. 1. Member Strategy: Create sermon series handoffs 4X a year
      2. 2. Event Strategy: Participate in this year’s Water Front Festival and give away branded cereal bowls
      3. 3. Pastor/Staff Strategy: Engage in the 5-a-day practice (but only expect 2-a-day)

      In this case, the participant might want to use their $50 gift card to purchase the Beyond Strategic Planning DVD so they can learn how to create the tactics and logistics for each strategy.

      Each session will include the tools to create a strategic plan for the session’s corresponding core process.

      I hope that makes sense.

  6. David Henderson says:

    will you be in Florida in 2014?

    • Bill Tenny-Brittian says:

      Hi David, we had a number of churches and judicatories express interest, but none of them worked out. We will be looking for hosts in 2015, so perhaps we’ll make it there next year. The nearest 2015 venue for Floridians is the Atlanta event in September.

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