Building, Moving from Sanctuary to Multipurpose Room

In moving from sanctuary to multipurpose room, I assuming you are moving a contemporary type service?  If so, the biggest mistake made is the sound system.  Make sure you don't have a bad sound issue such as reverberation more than 1 1/2 to two seconds or so. If you have to invest in sound equipment to make the move, do so. Also, you don't want people having to struggle the hear because sound gets lost in the ceiling. I would try a sound system in there before making the change. if you have one, does it sound okay empty and will people. is the room noisier than it should be? Is it out of a normal traffic flow so that people aren't going through it to places during worship? Is there any chance their will be noise in the kitchen that the people will hear during worship? What about nursery and bathrooms, are they accessible Does the room look cold and bare? if so, what can be done like plants, etc.  Is there a stage or do you need to build one? I'm sure there are other issues, but these are the most likely ones

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