Bill Easum

Bill EasumBill Easum is the Founder and President of 21st Century Strategies. Bill has a thirty year track record of growing congregations in two denominations. His last church, which he pastored for twenty-four years, grew to the largest United Methodist Church in South Texas. He has personally worked in over 700 congregations, some of which are the largest in the nation, and has taught hundreds of thousands of leaders. He's the author/co-author of more than 25 books including Preaching for Church Transformation, Sacred Cows Make Gourmet Burgers, and Unfreezing Moves. Bill lives in Corpus Christi and fishes in Central America whenever he can.



Last night I watched Selma. It’s hard to believe our country was ever like that. But I remember when I was a young kid of 17 or 18. In the summers I drove an 18-wheeler cross country to help pay for school. On the really long trips there would be two drivers, and usually I would be […]

Church Planters Must Be Graciously Ruthless

I tell church planters, “If you can’t show someone the door and go home and sleep well that night, you shouldn’t plant.” One of the things we’ve learned over the years is that planting a church is hard, lonely work. If you can’t let criticism run off your back like water off a duck and aren't […]

Worship Is a Celebration, Not a Performance

A friend of mine called the other day to ask my advice about something going on at his church. It seems one of their lead worship singers leaves the room as soon as she is finished singing and sits in the lobby drinking coffee, never attending a service. He has said something to her a […]

Dare We Peek Into The Future?

Recently, I received a phone call from an old client I had not heard from for several years. He called to ask if I had given any thought to making a new list of predictions about the future. He had just re-read my 1993 book entitled Dancing with Dinosaurs and was impressed that the list […]

The Greatest Tragedy in History

If you were asked what you considered to be the greatest tragedy in history, what would you say? Surely some would pick the Holocaust. Others in the U.S. might pick 9/11. Still others would settle on Hurricane Katrina. There might be a few who would reach back in history and choose the Great Plague that […]

Ensuring Growth by Rick Warren

How do you structure a church so it just keeps on growing and doesn’t plateau? I believe there are ten essentials you must focus on as you structure your church. 1. You must develop an unshakable conviction about growth. First and foremost, you need to settle on the idea that God wants his church to […]

8 Habits of a Life-Changing Small Group Leader

Here is a post from Church Leaders that is worth reading. Make time with God a daily priority. “Very early in the morning, while it was still dark, Jesus got up, left the house, and went off to a solitary place, where he prayed.” Mark 1:35 NIV Follow the best example and offer a good […]

How and When to Give Raises

Churches that give across the board raises are shooting themselves in the foot. Why do I say this? Here are three reasons: No one deserves a raise just because they put in the time during the year. Raises must be earned and deserved, not expected and taken for granted. Raises should be given only when someone […]

How To Cast Vision

Having a vision is one thing; knowing how to cast so it sticks is another. Let me share with you how I did it over a twenty-four year period in the church I restarted. Casting vision begins with having an all-consuming passion for some form of ministry. It can be any aspect of ministry. It […]

Some Of Us Don’t Value The Soul Anymore

During my 50 years of ministry (Yes, 50. That's not a typo.), I’ve become convinced that most churches don't put much value on soul. And that saddens me. Why do I say this? Far too often, more than anything else, money defines a person or organization. The old saying “show me your pocket book and […]