Bill Easum

Bill EasumBill Easum is the Founder and President of 21st Century Strategies. Bill has a thirty year track record of growing congregations in two denominations. His last church, which he pastored for twenty-four years, grew to the largest United Methodist Church in South Texas. He has personally worked in over 700 congregations, some of which are the largest in the nation, and has taught hundreds of thousands of leaders. He's the author/co-author of more than 25 books including Preaching for Church Transformation, Sacred Cows Make Gourmet Burgers, and Unfreezing Moves. Bill lives in Corpus Christi and fishes in Central America whenever he can.


Pulling the Trigger Part Three

Leaders Must Manage their Teams For our purpose we will define a team as “a small group of people with complimentary skills, who have affinity for one another, who are invited, not elected, by an individual to: achieve a common goal and place that goal before their individual interests; integrate their skills; and hold each […]

Pulling the Trigger Part Two

Yesterday we looked at why it is so hard for pastors to pull the trigger and institute something new. Well today we are going to look at what pastors need to do in order to pull the trigger. Leaders Must Manage Themselves Pastors or Ex. Pastors have to be flexible on non-essentials and stubborn on […]

Pulling the Trigger

Two Axioms for Pulling the Trigger Why is it so hard for pastors to pull the trigger and institute something new like a new worship service? Why do so many resist doing what they know needs done? Let me take a stab at it responding to these questions of mine.  I think there are two […]

The Future is Here

Today on Bloomberg TV, The Titans show featured Bill Gates and Mike Bloomberg. Bloomberg said something that all churches should ponder for a week. He said, “technology will advance more in the next couple of years than it has since the discovery of the light bulb.  Now give that some thought.  What does it mean […]

Three Leadership Metaphors

I like Metaphors because they encourage the imagination to run wild rather than just focus on a definition. In the case of leadership I like three primary metaphors that shed light on the role of a leader without confining leadership to the definition. Here they are. Shepherd However, let your imagination run wild here. Do […]

Great Leadership Part Two

A lot of pastors feel it’s inappropriate to use power, even if it might cause something good to happen. Great Leaders aren’t afraid to use power for the corporate good. They know that in the absence of strong leadership someone steps in to exercise power. They know what normally happens when leaders fail to lead […]

Great Leadership Part One

Leadership is an elusive characteristic. It takes many shapes but you always know a great leader when you see one in action. I’ve had the privilege of working with many of our nations best leaders, both secular and religious. And I hate to say it but I can divide them into two categories whether religious […]

The Importance of Christmas Eve

It’s not too early to begin thinking about what you’re going to do to capitalize on the pagan holiday known as Christmas. Yes, you heard me correctly – Christmas is a pagan holiday. But contrary to what you might think, being a pagan holiday makes it even that more valuable evangelism tool than you think. […]

The Average Pastor’s Achilles Heel

I’ve coached and consulted with hundreds of pastors over the years and I’ve noticed a common thread in the ministry of those pastors who do not do well. The sad thing about this common thread is that it could be eliminated with one simple word. But before I tell you what that one word and […]

Emerging Key Issues Facing the Church of Tomorrow

Here are Eight Keys to Unlocking the Future of your Church Key Number One: How to minister in a Multi- cultural world The boats are no longer coming to North America from Europe. Mainline denominations are finding it impossible to become multi cultural in spite of their resolutions and affirmative action. As long as denominations remain […]